You made the best decision...

They continue to repeat to each other, “We need to plan our entry for attack. How far along is the ARPANET,” It seems they would have simple lives without this technological control from the government. Since there is no privacy, there is a break in human control of their own lives. This is when I am happy to be a dog, to have no worries about my privacy. I get to think my own thoughts, I get to have my own life, and they get to be constantly watched – their every move, their every decision.

The Internet has taken over control, it seems it needs to be distributed or decentralized because clearly the hovering government is not pleasing any of the people. I notice a stack of papers, a surplus of documents and books. Jack picks up the biggest one, it is all hand written. I don’t want them to leave me ever and it scares me that they are planning such a large move. We have never left this house. The world is falling apart and their fear that is written all over their faces scares me. I jump in Jacks lap, curious of if I can get any more information.


There is a knock at the door.

They capture me

They take all of Jack and Joannes things
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