Welcome To My Virtual World

Hi! I my name is Babbie Andrews and I am a fourth year Media Studies and American Studies Major. I wrote a story and YOU get to choose what happens in the end...BUT first - check out our class page:


The game will be fun and mysterious.

Gamer, are you ready?

The story is from a dogs perspective... but you get to choose the ending, so choose wisely!

Jack and Joanne are a middle-aged couple living in a world where technology and the government control and run their lives. Nothing is private to anyone around him or her. I am lucky because everything in my brain is kept to myself, however, everything that is done on their computers, phones, and in any conversation, is completely open to the world. It is the World Wide Web that runs and ruins Jack and Joanne’s everyday lives. It is an un-privatized center that creates constant problems all the time.

Joanne is unsettled, I can tell – that is one of my gifts. I start to walk to her and sit at her feet, ready to jump in her lap and make her feel better. She continues to talk with Jack about how scary this world is – she seems to dwell on the fact that their world, their Internet, is too open, it allows the government to see their every move, search, text… everything. The government controls it all. There is no control of what we see of other peoples, and no control of our own privacy or control of their own actions. I personally do not have these problems. Life is simple as a dog - I wag my tail, run around, and make my people feel better when they are down.They start to raise their voices more...

This fight seems to be bigger than usual though... something is happening. What should I do?

Move A: Go Jump in Jacks Lap

Move B: Bark to get their attention and take me outside

Move C: Listen closer for more intel on what they are fighting about